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"Steppe Man" film awarded in India

"The Steppe Man", a film by the Azerbaijani director Shamil Aliyev, has been successfully screened in White Unicorn International Film Festival 2019 (WUIFF) in India.

The film won the prize in the nomination "Best Feature Film in Foreign Language" for July-August 2019, Trend Life reported. The awarding ceremony, which took place on August 11 in Kolkata, featured a video message from Shamil Aliyev.

"The Steppe Man” was produced in 2012 at the Azerbaijanfilm studio by the order of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism. The film has been screened at as many as 37 international film festivals.

Over the past time, the film was named best at various film festivals, including Near Nazareth Festival 2019 (Israel), Florence Film Awards 2019 (Italy), European Screen Awards 2019 (Indonesia), Royal Wolf Film Awards 2019 (the U.S.), Oniros Film Awards (Italy), etc.

It was named "Best Feature Film" seven times. The film also won in such nominations as "Best Director", "Best Screenplay", "Best Female Actor", "Creative Search". “The Steppe Man” received a number of special diplomas and prizes, including the "Humay" national prize.

"The Steppe Man" was selected as the Azerbaijani entry for the “Best Foreign Language Film” at the 86th Academy Awards (the Oscars).

The scriptwriter of the film is Vidadi Hasanov, the director of photography is Rafig Guliyev, art directors are Rafig Nasirov and Ibrahim Halil Aminov, the composer is Rauf Aliyev, and producers are Mushvig Hatamov and Azer Guliyev.

The film tells a story of a young steppe man who lives in remoteness from the city, closely tied to nature. His father teaches him the subtleties of life in the steppe.

Soon after his father's death the young man meets a girl from a city. Their meeting becomes a new page in his life, a step to a big life unfamiliar to him before.

White Unicorn International Film Festival is a monthly film festival held in Kolkata, India. It celebrates films from all around the world with awards in different categories and genres.

WUIFF gives the opportunity to Indian filmmakers to compete for their dream project with other ingenious filmmakers around the world. 


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