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25th Anniversary Celebration of the ICOM Azerbaijan National Committee

This year, ICOM Azerbaijan National Committee celebrates its 25th anniversary.In this regard, on December 15, 2017, the State Historical and Architectural Reserve Icherisheher will host an event entitled “ICOM Azerbaijan National Committee is 25”.All members of  ICOM Azerbaijan National Committee will take part in the event.

On December 15, as part of the event, an annual plenary session of ICOM Azerbaijan National Committee will be held.The Ministry of Culture and Tourism of the Republic of Azerbaijan, the National Commission of Republic of Azerbaijan for UNESCO, diplomats, and officials is expected to attend the conference.The presentation of ICOM Azerbaijan National Committee’supdated website will launch at the event.The conference will discuss issues related to the workgroup allocation to prepare for the participation of the Azerbaijani delegation in the general conference of ICOM 2019 in Kyoto (Japan), and the material encouragement of the winners by ICOM Azerbaijan National Committee in “Best Museum Year Project” and “Most Active Member of Committee” nominations.The conference will end with a cultural and entertainment program.

ICOM Azerbaijan National Committee was established in 1992 by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of the Republic of Azerbaijan at the Congress of Museum Workers.In the same year, the organization charter was adopted and the chairman was elected.Thus, the first ICOM National Committee in the post-Soviet space was in Azerbaijan.On June 8, 1993, ICOM Executive Board formally endorsed the ICOM Azerbaijan National Committee at its 78th meeting.ICOM National Committee, which counted 10 members in 1993-1996, today increased to 106 individual members and 1 institutional member.They represent 43 museums (including 30 Baku museums and 13 regional museums), as well as 14 other organizations.ICOM Azerbaijan National Committee as a public organization unites Azerbaijani museums, scientists, artists, art representatives, people associated with the museum sphere, and ICOM members.

The main aims of the ICOM National Committee are to strengthen cooperation in museum work and culture, as well as to study the progressive experience of foreign museums.

One of the priorities of ICOM National Committee is the salvation of cultural wealth during armed conflicts and their protection from illegal trade, the preservation of cultural heritage, and the development of museum management in the country.


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