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Azerbaijan among top 5 list of health improvement vacation countries of “National Geographic Traveler” awards

The TourStat Analytic Agency published the results of the Internet voting of National Geographic Traveler Awards 2017.

Azerbaijan is selected as one of 5 countries in category of "Wellness Holiday". Israel is the leader in this category. The first top 5 includes Germany, Slovenia and Switzerland.

According to the Agency, "Chenot Palace hotel in Gabala (district of Azerbaijan) is in Top 5 in the nomination "Best Resort Hotel," the Agency said.

Some countries are leading in the following categories Greece - beach holiday, Cyprus – family vacation, Italy – excursion tour, Austria – ski tour, Argentina - adventure tour, Japan – exotic tourism, Georgia - gastronomy and agro tourism, and China - "discovery of the year".

Altai Krai is ahead of other regions of Russia on wellness holiday. Kamchatka is the leader for adventure recreation, Khakassia for eco-tour, and Leningrad oblast for excursion tour.

The Internet voting of National Geographic Traveler Awards 2017 takes place from 22 May to 15 October at website: Nat-Geo.Ru


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