A nation is known, recognized and distinguished among the world nations by certain characteristic features. The highest and the greatest of these features is culture.

16.06.2020 11:14
Great prizes are waiting for the winners of III ANIMAFILM festival! A new award for category “Best Azerbaijani Short Animated Film“ is established for the upcoming ANIMAFILM Festival in cooperation with the French Embassy in Azerbaijan, ​​the French Institute in Azerbaijan (IFA) and with the support of the Annecy International Animated Film Festival. This year's winner of the ANIMAFILM Festival will have a chance to attend in the 2021 Annecy Festival in France and receive professional MIFA accreditation. Return flight to France and accommodation in Annecy of the winner will be covered by IFA.   ANIMAFILM Festival is also cooperating with Delegation of the European Union to Azerbaijan to present a new award for the winner of the category “Best Azerbaijani Screenplay for a Short Animated Film”. The winner will receive a valuable photo camera as a prize. The screenplay should be linked to one of the following themes: diversity, tolerance, multiculturalism, human rights, woman rights or climate change.   Deadline for applications: 30.06.2020 For more information: www.animafilm.az   III ANIMAFILM Festival will be held in two cities of Azerbaijan, Baku and Sheki, from 14 to 18 October 2020. This year festival will be dedicated to French animation. The Festival is supported by the Azerbaijan Ministry of Culture, Sheki City Executive Power, Azerbaijan Union of Film-makers, Embassy of the Czech Republic to Azerbaijan, Embassy of France in Azerbaijan, French Institute in Azerbaijan, Nizami Cinema Center, Mujru Publishing, Barat Abdullayev and other partners and sponsors. ..
05.06.2020 10:52
Movie by Azerbaijani director to be featured at 2020 Semaine de la Critique in CannesAzerbaijani movie “Axşama doğru” (Towards Evening) by Teymur Hajiyev will be featured at the 59th edition of La Semaine de la Critique 2020 in Cannes, the date that`s rescheduled. Honouring its commitment, the parallel section of the Cannes festival nevertheless continues to shine a light on emerging talents in order to support filmmakers and the film industry. To address this unprecedented situation, La Semaine de la Critique kicks off a tailored-made support programme for the films that Charles Tesson – artistic director – and his selection committees chose to actively support over the next few months. Accordingly, 5 features and 10 short films will receive the “2020 Semaine de la Critique label”. La Semaine de la Critique will guide the selected features throughout their previews and their theatrical releases in France. The films in French will be presented during a “La Semaine de la Critique carte blanche” at the Angoulême Francophone Film Festival, which will take place between August 28 and September 2, 2020. The ten short films of the non-competitive support programme will be screened online on Festival Scope Pro between October 19 and 25 to Industry professionnals and on Festival Scope between October 22 and 25 to the general audience. The 10 filmmakers of this year’s programme will be invited in December 2020 to take part in the Next Step workshop, whose purpose is to assist short film directors towards making feature films. Since its inception the workshop launched and led by Rémi Bonhomme has supported 55 filmmakers from 29 different countries. ..
03.06.2020 09:28
Azerbaijan`s “Steppe Man” wins 3 awards at international film festivals“Cholchu” (The Steppe Man), a movie by Azerbaijani filmmaker Shamil Aliyev, has been awarded in three categories at international film festivals held in Japan, Italy, Israel and the USA. In a voting held virtually because of the COVID-19 pandemic, the film won “Best Feature Film”, “Best Director“ and “Best Cinematography“ nominations. The Steppe Man” tells a story of a young steppe man who lives in remoteness from the city, closely tied to nature. His father teaches him the subtleties of life in the steppe. Soon after his father's death the young man meets a girl from a city. Their meeting becomes a new page in his life, a step to a big life unfamiliar to him before. The movie has been featured at nearly 30 international film festivals and forums, receiving a number of awards. ..
15.05.2020 17:07
Azerbaijan to hold online presentations on International Museum DayInternational Museum Day is established at the initiative of the International Council of Museums (ICOM) and held annually on May 18. The event highlights a specific theme that changes every year to promote cultural exchange and cooperation among peoples. This year's theme is “Museums for Equality: Diversity and Inclusion”. Due to the current situation with the coronavirus threat, museums of Azerbaijan will celebrate International Museum Day online. Thus, under the “Virtual museum tour” project, famous public figures will become guides, taking the audience to a virtual tour around the museum's permanent exhibition, and talk about carpets and other samples of decorative and applied arts in Azerbaijani, English, and Russian. More, for the first time in Azerbaijani museum practice, the tour will be accompanied by sign language translation consistent with the motto “Museums for Equality: Diversity and Inclusion”. Furthermore, this day, the Azerbaijan National Carpet Museum and the Russian Ethnographic Museum will organize the online conference and discuss ongoing work within the joint project “Treasures of Azerbaijan in the Russian Ethnographic Museum Collection”, both museums' virtual activity, and exchange their experience in this direction. On May 18, at 2 pm Baku time, for the first time, the National Museum of Art of Azerbaijan will present the exhibition of paintings by children with vision disabilities. These paintings were created by students of the Republican Special Boarding School No. 5 and the Rehabilitation Center during masterclass led by Georgi Guraspashvili, Professor at the Tbilisi Academy of Arts. The masterclass was a part of the international seminar “Art Without Border”. The virtual exhibition will be available on the museum’s Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter pages. The Azerbaijan State Museum of Musical Culture will present its collections to a wide audience in three languages: “Listen to What We Have”; “Fine Arts in the Azerbaijan State Museum of Musical Culture”. The presentation will be adapted to people with disabilities. The audio and video anthology prepared by the museum will include posts about national and world musical instruments. The Museum Ensemble of Ancient Musical Instruments will give a festive concert to congratulate museum workers around the world. On International Museum Day, the YARAT Contemporary Art Center plans to implement an urban multimedia project where they present to the public exclusive artworks. Viewers will be able to get acquainted with museum collections and exhibition projects dedicated to various historical periods and topics. The artworks for the project will be presented by the Azerbaijan National Carpet Museum, the Museum of Azerbaijani Painting of the 20th-21st Centuries, the National Museum of Hungary, the National Museum of Latvia, and the YARAT Contemporary Art Center. The viewers will be able to observe the show from their windows and balconies without need to leave home. The National Museum of the History of Azerbaijan has developed an online project “One Touch - A Thousand Values”. As part of the project, on May 18 at 10:20 am, Sevinj Nasirova, Head of the Museum's Ethnographic Science Foundation, PhD in Arts will inform the public about the protection of cultural heritage and future joint activities of museums in the “Dikdaban” public television program. Gobustan National Historical-Artistic Reserve has announced on social networks the media campaign “Be on the Rock of Gobustan!”. Those who want to join this campaign should send their photos taken in Gobustan to the reserve’s Facebook and Instagram pages. These photos will be used in the poster design in Gobustan. Furthermore, this day at 3 pm, the reserve will arrange a live meeting on Facebook with the ceramics artist Mir Teymur Mammadov. On May 18, the Icherisheher Museum Center will present a video promotion of “Inclusive Education Through Traditional Arts” about the first program of inclusive education for artistic and creative expression in the field of culture, implemented by the Museum Center of the Administration of Icherisheher State Historical-Architectural Reserve together with the European Union and the UN Development Programme. The Azerbaijan Independence Museum will conduct an online tour “Equality” for vulnerable groups within society on May 18 at noon on Zoom. The Azerbaijan State Museum of Theater after Jafar Jabbarli will join the celebration with the program “World Belongs to All of Us”, which includes a virtual exhibition of paintings by children with autism spectrum disorders from the Together and Healthy (Birgə və Sağlam) Public Union, as well as a live broadcast of a play “Blue Bird” of the inclusive theater “Əsa”. The virtual exhibition will be live on the museum’s Facebook page at noon, and the performance at 5 pm. The House Museum of Jafar Jabbarli will present the Morning Star photo exhibition, introducing visitors to unique historical exhibits stored in the museum, as well as photographs reflecting successful projects and interesting events implemented by the museum in different years. On May 5-18, the Khachmaz Museum of History and Local Lore holds an online painting contest “Mysterious and Magical World” among schoolchildren under the motto “Museums for Equality: Diversity and Inclusion” and “My Exhibit”. Students send their drawings of favorite museums or exhibits, as well as their photos to the museum’s Facebook and Instagram pages. Winners will receive diplomas and gifts. On May 18, at 11 am, the Masalli Museum of History and Local Lore will arrange on its Facebook account a virtual presentation “Past and Present of our Folklore” accompanied by the Halay folk music and dance ensemble.   ..
07.05.2020 11:19
The beauties of KarabakhOne of the wonderful works of Qayyur Yunus, a traveler of truth, a devotee of traditions and history, a famous represantative of art, ensured with magic and mysteries, is an example of art called “The beauties of Karabakh“.  The artist's interest and appeal to the Gajar style and oriental miniatures manifest in this artwork. The main part of the artist's work is female images. The image of 3 women is reflected in the scene surrounded by a natural landscape. The beauty and powerful combination of different shades of red and brown colors instills artistic power and energy in the composition.  With small details of clothes; sineband, ornaments and chargat  emphasis the tradition and antiquity. We are also provided with information about the life of the period with a description of a simple, square-planned and domed village house. This work, created in modern times, is one of the most beautiful examples in the “Gajar style“. ..
02.04.2020 12:06
Rare samples from our collections - Ceramics, Glass, Paper and WoodThe ceramic products allow us to gain insight into the economic life and various craft industries in ancient and Middle Ages Azerbaijan. The variety of their types, shapes, and colors, and the complexity of ornaments and narrative scenes, reflect not only the artistic tastes of the local people, but also their religious views, rituals, and mythology. Among the Azerbaijan National Carpet Museum’s ceramic products of the Seljuk period, the ceramic fragments with narrative motifs spark interest. An example is a fragment of a dyed ceramic dish from the 12th – 13th centuries from Oren-Gala (Beylagan). Through the constructive and artistic features of this product, folk masters achieved a harmonious combination of content and form. There is a hunting scene featuring a young horseman wearing a characteristic aristocratic costume of the period: A green abe (a coat) and crown. The young man is accompanied by a tamed leopard, a loyal companion of hunters (Inv. No. 1718). Another polychrome glazed dish fragment, found during archaeological excavations in Beylagan, depicts a delightful scene of the ancient game chovgan (a horse polo). The ancient ceramist presents a young rider, sitting upon a horse and holding a chovgan-stick in his hand, against a green backdrop surrounded by plant elements. This dish fragment is a fine art masterpiece of that period and is one of the most outstanding objects in the museum (Inv. No. 1719). ..
18.03.2020 10:27
Khan Shushinski – Epitome of traditional Azerbaijani art of mughamAzerbaijan marks 41st death anniversary of Khan Shushinski who was one of the most famous Azerbaijani mugham singers. Shushinski Khan (Isfandiyar Aslan oglu Javanshrov’s stage name) was born on August 20 in 1901 in Shusha. His father Aslan bey grandchild of Mahammad Javanshir who is from generation of Panahali khan, the founder and first ruler of Azerbaijan’s Karabakh khanate. Famous intellectuals of the Shusha would often gather in Aslan aga’s home and build meetings of poetry and music. Isfendiyar had grown up in the environment of music. Islam Abdullayev was his teacher. In 1918, he and his mugham teacher Islam Abdullayev attended a wedding ceremony in the village of Novruzlu (presently in the Aghdam district of Azerbaijan), where the guests were listening to a gramophone record of the Iranian singer Abul Hasan Khan performing the Kurd Shahnaz variety of mugham. After the song, young Isfandiyar was emphatically asked to resing that song live. Despite the complicated nature of Kurd Shahnaz his performance impressed the guests to the point of them comparing Isfandiyar to Abul Hasan Khan and saying: “Now, here is the real Khan. Shushinski made his first appearance in Baku in 1923, at the Azerbaijan State Philharmonic Hall. Khan Shushinski also highly represented Azerbaijani music abroad. In 1943, he was awarded with the title of people’s artist and later with different honor awards. The 70th birth anniversary of Khan Shushinski was held at the Azerbaijan State Philharmonic Hall in 1971. Khan Shushinski died on March 18 in 1979 in Baku. He was one of the well-known khanendes (singers) and popular artists of Azerbaijan. ..
12.03.2020 09:03
Turkmen President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov visits Carpet MuseumPresident of Turkmenistan Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov, who is on an official visit in Azerbaijan, has today visited the Azerbaijan Carpet Museum. The Turkmen President was informed of the museum. In 2010, Azerbaijan's traditional art of carpet weaving was included in the UNESCO Representative List of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. The carpet museum, where unique samples of applied arts are exhibited, has been located in different places throughout its history. The Heydar Aliyev Foundation and UNESCO provided assistance in the construction of the new building. The building design is reminiscent of a rolled up carpet. The museum now houses exhibits and items, including carpets, thread-work samples, metalwork, fabrics, clothing, ceramic, glass, wooden and paper items, jewelry, books, and a unique collection of photographs. The exhibits are conserved on the basis of recommendations and instructions of Louis Sguirer, a renowned specialist in fabric conservation at the Victoria and Albert Museum who was invited to Baku in 2013. Designed by acclaimed Austrian architect Franz Janz, the museum highlights all areas of the Azerbaijani carpet making school and features a wide assortment of centuries-old carpets and thread-work samples. The Turkmen President viewed the museum’s Jewelry Fund which includes women’s and men’s jewelry belonging to the late 19th - early 20th century, as well as some created in the Bronze Age. President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov donated Turkmen carpet to the museum. The Turkmen President was presented with a keepsake. ..
11.03.2020 15:22
Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan signed bilateral documentsA ceremony of signing Azerbaijan-Turkmenistan documents has been held with the participation of President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev and President of Turkmenistan Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov. ..